How not to get lost in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

View of Plaza del Rey, the main square of medieval Barcelona with the belltower of the St. Agatha Chapel

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona or Barrio Gothico is the most popular tourist area. There are many sights, marked in all the world’s guides, shops with a wide variety of goods, from exotic to the products and goods of everyday demand, you can find cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste. And, of course, it is impossible not to fall under the charm of narrow streets with old houses, each of which has its own face and its own history. You can explore the Gothic Quarter more than one day with unwavering pleasure. However, some issues may arise.

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Wisteria and Hayao Miyazaki

In Spain, something blooms at any time of year, and in the spring it’s just an explosion of flowering — every day new trees and shrubs bloom. Not far from our home there is a completely fabulous place similar to the scenery landscapes of the cartoons of Hayao Miyazaki — the story of his films often unfolds in some Mediterranean countries, sometimes named, and often abstract. This place — Montserrat street in Esplugues de Llobregat — is one of the historic streets in the old town, which is protected as a cultural heritage of local importance. The street emerged along the main road to the church of Santa Maria Magdalena, its farmhouses were built in the 16th century.
At the beginning of April this street looks very special due to the flowering of the old wisteria, spread over half the street. My wife and I tried not to miss this period and this time we visited the old street very successfully: wisteria was in full bloom.

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Picasso and Dali painting an egg

I found a funny image with Picasso and Dali working together. This is an illustration by David Vella, which is called “Picasso and Dali painting an egg.” Dalí makes a picture with a fried egg hanging on a tree branch, and Picasso depicts an egg in a shape of a cube. Was there anything like this in reality?

Salvador Dali was born when Pablo Picasso was 22 years old. For Dalí, as for all the beginner artists of the 1920s, the inventor of cubism was a legendary master. When Dali arrived in Paris for the first time in 1926, he paid tribute to Picasso by telling him that he had come to see him before even going to the Louvre. Cubist artist Manuel Angeles Ortiz, devoted follower of Picasso, his teacher, introduced Dali to Picasso.

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