Wisteria and Hayao Miyazaki

In Spain, something blooms at any time of year, and in the spring it’s just an explosion of flowering — every day new trees and shrubs bloom. Not far from our home there is a completely fabulous place similar to the scenery landscapes of the cartoons of Hayao Miyazaki — the story of his films often unfolds in some Mediterranean countries, sometimes named, and often abstract. This place — Montserrat street in Esplugues de Llobregat — is one of the historic streets in the old town, which is protected as a cultural heritage of local importance. The street emerged along the main road to the church of Santa Maria Magdalena, its farmhouses were built in the 16th century.
At the beginning of April this street looks very special due to the flowering of the old wisteria, spread over half the street. My wife and I tried not to miss this period and this time we visited the old street very successfully: wisteria was in full bloom.

Wisterias are subtropical tree-like plants, most often high-climbing lianas. The official Latin name of the plant — Wisteria — comes from the name of Professor Caspar Wister, who was a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries. The adult plants of wisteria have different shapes. It can be both a tree with a powerful trunk and a hanging liana, gradually capturing the surrounding space..

Flowers hang in long bunches all over the street, it’s hard to believe that this is all one single plant. Judging by the fact that props supporting the lianas are installed across the road, someone specially created this beauty, caring for the wisteria year after year, helping it grow as far as possible.

Historical farmhouses are not empty; people still live in them. Signs with the number of apartments suddenly look in the most unexpected places. The top end of the street goes to a square on which the church stands. This square is a kind of center of historical buildings, it attracts not only tourists — often, walking around these places, we saw the process of filming.