Open air workshops: drawing the most famous buildings in Barcelona!

If you are looking for something really original to do in Barcelona and if you like handmade souvenirs, you may get it both at once! Create your own beautiful postcard souvenir! It is easy if you join one of my sketching workshops for the tourists. To order workshop you have to specify the date of it and choose the place  in section Barcelona Locations.

You don’t need any experience or pencils and paper for drawing, just enjoy the process with expert guidance and all materials supplied.

And after workshop you’ll get your lanscape printed on postcard!

Of course, such postcards win in comparison with traditional tourist souvenirs. They are not only unique, as are unique works of art, but they also carry in themselves your personal creative experience and your personal impressions of the city.

Printed postcards you can mail to friends and relatives. Also, they may be framed and used to decorate the room, they can be a wonderful gift.

Beside workshops  for two hours you can order day-out workshop. Price is €50 per person for two hours workshop and €120 per person for the day-out workshop. Postcards printing is not included in the workshop price. Minimal series of postcards cost €10 (4 postcards).  All workshops are available on demand. You choose the type of workshop (two hours or day-out) and the date and write to me for confirmation and further instructions. Below you can read feedback about workshops. And you can take a look at photos too.

I really enjoyed the drawing workshop with Evgeniy. I always felt that you needed to be talented in order to sketch and he made it so simple and fun that I went home eager to draw. I would definitely recommend workshops with Evgeniy and will do it myself next time I’m in Barcelona!

Evgeniy transformed in 2 hours my skills more than anything I’ve ever tried before in the past 30 years. I never thought I could learn so much and so fast in 2 hours, thank you Evgeniy!  And something extra.. if you have a scientific background like me, Evgeniy can explain you so much not only from the artist point of view.. But also from science, light, vision, angles, perspectives and how to draw them. After a first class, I repeated the next day! Bravo!

I really enjoyed the evening drawing the Sagrada Familia. It was the first time for me drawing a building and Evgeniy was really helpful and patient teaching me how to measure and draw. I really like the result. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone wants to improve their drawing skills or learn how to draw!

This was a great class, even for a beginner like me! Evgeniy gave easy to follow instruction and was pleasant company. I would recommend this class to anyone with a few hours to kill in Barcelona!

Evgeniy was very patient and informative on how to sketch out the scenery with different tips. I would love to come back again!
p.s. loved the postcards Evgeniy printed for me the next day!

We’ll be working with graphite pencil, or with Conté pencils, or with colored pencils. All of them are clean in use, erasable and portable. It makes them an excellent medium for street sketching. Every workshop begins with a short theoretical introduction. Then I will demonstrate step by step the method of using artistic material of the day: graphite pencils, or Conté pencils, or colored pencils.  I’ll teach you some rules of composition, perspective, proportional measurement and construction, all techniques which help us to build a nice two-dimensional picture from the three-dimensional real landscape.

After all the sketches are done we take photos of them and later I convert them into postcards with the name of the artist printed on the back side.

For workshops I offer to your attention worldwide known landmarks, some of the most picturesque Barcelona locations for the workshops. We can visit such landmarks as Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Catedral de Barcelona, Arc de Triomf, the church of Santa Maria De Montalegre, church Sant Pau del Camp, Casa de les Punxes, the Josepets church and others. You may order workshop using contact form below or Contact page.

Please don’t forget a sun hat, sun block and drinking water in summer time or suitable warm and windproof clothes in winter. See you in Barcelona!

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